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Ask a Man: Get (mostly) solid answers to life’s hard questions!

Posted in - Character on September 19th 2017 0 einstein microphone

Hey fellas! I’m excited to introduce something called Ask a Man. It’s an opportunity for you to get some answers to the questions in life that every man is asking. Simply email me with the form below and, if your question makes the cut, my co-host and I will answer it to the best of our ability on a future “Ask a Man” podcast episode. I’ll let you know via email if your question was chosen to be answered and when you can expect to hear the answer.

What are some questions to ask?

I can’t come up with all of the questions (that’s your job) but I can help warm up your thought skillet. Here are some primers.

  • Questions about marriage
  • Questions about fatherhood
  • Questions about what the heck is happening to society
  • Questions about career and business
  • Questions about theology and religion (I love these)
  • Questions about politics
  • Questions about opinions on other statements (like from a book)
  • Questions on strength/health/fitness etc.

You get the idea. All the questions. Try your best to boil the question down. I don’t want to read your life story, so get to the point. It will help us hone in on the question.