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Wolf & Iron Podcast #003: Aaron Jannetti on Active Shooter Defense, Krav Maga, & Strength Training

Posted in - Fighting & Firearms & Fitness & Podcast & Survival on April 25th 2016 0 Comments Aaron Jannetti Interview Podcast_Featured Image

I first came across Aaron Jannetti via the video below which was shared on Facebook by Glenn Beck. Aaron’s Active Shooter course seemed like one of the best and most needed ideas in a long time, so I looked him up and invited him to the podcast. Aaron’s skill set is mighty impressive: …

TRThursday: The Winchester – Theodore Roosevelt’s Rifle of Choice

Posted in - Americana & Firearms & Hunting & Patriotism & TRThursday on February 26th 2015 6 Comments TRThursday

“Personally, I have always preferred the Winchester. I now use a 45-90, with my old Buffalo gun, a 40-90 Sharps’ as spare rifle. Both, of course, have specifically tested barrels, and are stocked and sighted to suit myself.” – Theodore Roosevelt, Hunting Trips of a Ranchman

Though an avid hunter, …

Fireside Topic: If you could only have one rifle caliber, what would it be?

Posted in - Firearms & Fireside Topics on July 30th 2014 0 Comments Vintage Winchester Rifle Print

Choose your scenario: End of Civilized Society or Super Strict Gun Laws. You have to choose one rifle caliber to see you and yours through the tough times ahead. What’s it going to be? The easily carried and plentiful .22? The battle ready 7.62×39? The hunter’s go-to choice of 30.06? A hard-hitting .308? Maybe …