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Wolf & Iron Podcast #004: Liam Hoffman of Hoffman Blacksmithing on Blacksmithing, Entrepreneurship, and Finding Your Calling

Posted in - Forging & Knives & Podcast & Work on May 10th 2016 0 Comments Liam Hoffman Podcast interview

My guest for this episode of the Wolf & Iron podcast is Liam Hoffman of Liam is a 19 year-old entrepreneur who started forging blades and axes at an early age. He’s a prime example of a young man who, when given the freedom to do so and support of his parents, found …

TRThursday: That Time Teddy Stabbed a Cougar to Death

Posted in - Americana & Hunting & Knives & TRThursday on April 2nd 2015 1 Comments TRThursday

This #TRThursday article is a bit difficult for me to write, because each time I start a line my imagination goes haywire. As I’m sitting under the spring sun, typing, I see a young Theodore Roosevelt leaping from his horse, bowie in hand, gleaming in the sun, into a pack of mad dogs, snapping …

Getting to Know Your Grandpa’s Pocket Knife

Posted in - Hunting & Knives & Man Skills & Survival on March 24th 2014 3 Comments Case Knife Vintage

Many men have been fortunate enough to have one of their father’s, grandfather’s, or great-grandfather’s closest and most prized possession bestowed upon them: their pocket knife. The value of this is not in the object itself, but in knowing that it traveled in the pockets of these respected men, was held in their …