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Convict Chili Recipe

Posted in - Movies & Recipes on July 19th 2014 0 Comments

I watched Labor Day the other night and Frank, an escaped convict played by Josh Brolin, cooked up a pretty awesome chili. (A good coming-of-age movie, by the way, highlighting the importance of fathers.) Here is my take on his recipe which I have dubbed Convict Chili.

Supplies: …

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review

Posted in - Character & Fatherhood & Media & Movies & Virtues on May 1st 2014 1 Comments the-secret-life-of-walter-mitty-1

Walter Mitty isn’t a manly man. He works in the basement of Life Magazine’s corporate office, processing film negatives in what appears to be a massive, windowless, and well-organized darkroom. If we didn’t have the ability to experience his fantasy filled “zoning out” spells along with him, he would seem to be a …

Man of Steel Review

Posted in - Character & Movies on June 19th 2013 0 Comments Man of Steel

When thinking about what type of content Wolf and Iron would have, I never once considered doing a movie review. I actually went back and forth on this for a bit before deciding to do a post on Zack Snyder’s wonderful Man of Steel. The heart of Wolf and Iron is to provide men …