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Wolf & Iron Podcast #003: Aaron Jannetti on Active Shooter Defense, Krav Maga, & Strength Training

Posted in - Fighting & Firearms & Fitness & Podcast & Survival on April 25th 2016 0 Comments Aaron Jannetti Interview Podcast_Featured Image

I first came across Aaron Jannetti via the video below which was shared on Facebook by Glenn Beck. Aaron’s Active Shooter course seemed like one of the best and most needed ideas in a long time, so I looked him up and invited him to the podcast. Aaron’s skill set is mighty impressive: …

Traditional Archery: Part 4 – How to Shoot a Bow Instinctively

Posted in - Hunting & Man Skills & Survival on February 8th 2016 0 Comments Dr Harlan Metcalf Ed and Tom McNish Drawing bow_Fotor

“In archery we have something like the way of the superior man. When the archer misses the center of the target, he turns round and seeks for the cause of his failure in himself.” – Confucius, Chinese Philosopher, 551 BC-479 BC

Whereas a compound bow is fitted to a particular archer …

How to Make Acorn Coffee

Posted in - Americana & Recipes & Survival on October 7th 2015 2 Comments How to Make Acorn Coffee

Take a moment to imagine with me. You are a Civil War soldier. You’ve been marching for days, having left one battlefield and on your way to the next. You’re cold, tired, and emotionally beat. When you finally stop and setup camp, you sit and talk with your brothers in arms, little about …