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Wolf & Iron Podcast: What People Get Wrong with Branding – Truck Talk Thursday #012

Posted in - Podcast & Truck Talk Thursday & Work on August 9th 2018 0 Comments Wolf and Iron Podcast truck talk mike yarbrough ep 012 manliness

What do cattle ranchers have to do with branding? Continuing on the entrepreneur theme, I talk about how “branding” got started and how the businesses that are really making it have evolved…and how the other businesses have not.

Key Ideas

How branding got started
The proper way we should think about our business brands

More …

Wolf & Iron Podcast: How to Market Your Business with Raymond Johnston of Social Hacker – #47

Posted in - Podcast & Work on June 20th 2018 0 Comments Social Hacker Raymond Johnston podcast Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough

Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to learn first hand how marketing works and how to use it to grow a business. Right now, Facebook is king of advertising and the power to find and reach your audience has never been easier or more accessible. My guest for this episode …

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man – Alcohol and Unemployment – S01 E03

Posted in - Ask a Man & Health & Podcast & Work on April 20th 2018 0 Comments wolf and iron ask a man podcast starsky and hutch

In this episode Brandon and I talk about when to drink and when not to and how to deal with unemployment. The alcohol discussion brings up some fresh thoughts for me regarding my dad’s death (only a week before this recording). We also delve into smoking (weed and/or cigarettes) of which Brandon had …

Wolf & Iron Podcast #23 – Joel Salatin on Regenerative Farming, Eating, & What We’re Doing Wrong

Posted in - Diet & Health & Podcast & Work on September 4th 2017 0 Comments Joel Salatin Interview Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough podcast

Interview with Joel Salatin

My wife and I picked up Mr. Salatin’s book Folks this ain’t normal a few years ago, and we still reference it as a must read for those frustrated with everything related to food: how it gets to our table, how it is raised, why my lettuce only last …

Wolf & Iron Podcast #022 – 4th Manniversary Special! Mike talks about the last year, new stuff, and the future of Wolf & Iron

Posted in - Manniversary & Podcast & Work on August 28th 2017 0 Comments Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough 4th Manniversary podcast

The last year for Wolf & Iron has been pretty incredible. I started Rustic and Main, wrote a book, repaired my marriage, sent one kid off to college, quit my job, grew Wolf & Iron by the thousands, and still have most of my hair.

In this Manniversary episode …