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Join, or Die! Snake - USA Made Tee

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Patriotism! When Ben Franklin put together his now infamous Join, or Die emblem, it was a call to the separate states to unite under the cause of liberty, or see liberty fall at the hands of an oppressive empire. 

Men have a similar calling. We can continue to bicker about our differences and allow manliness to perish at the hands of a new kind of oppression, or be men and unite. We may not always agree, but we have a common cause.

Our Join, or Die shirt represents manly pride in these United States and the traditional values for which America has stood for so many years, as well as the call for all men to unite...or die.

This t-shirt design symbolizes the courage and heroism of our Founding Fathers, and hearkens to the values Wolf & Iron strives to imbue on the men of this generation.

The Details
  • Solid Military Green
  • 100% Cotton
  • Ribbed neck
  • USA Made

Wolf and Iron Made in USA Logo

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