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Fireside Topic: What is your 5-10 year plan?

Posted in - Family & Fireside Topics & Work on February 26th 2014 0 vintage retro old farmer on plow

While this question is poised by management so often it has become almost cliché, it is still a necessary question to ask. Having a goal beyond just career advancement is important. It helps us Live Deliberately and allows us to measure our progress and ensure we are on the correct path.

When thinking about your 5-10 year plan try to imagine that you are there at that time. For instance, how old will your children be? What should they have learned by that point, both in education and character? Where do you live? Are your cars paid for or are you still leasing? You get the idea.

Here are some areas to think about and ask others about as well:

  • What kind of father and\or husband do you want to be?
  • Are you able to advance in your current employer or business like you want or ought you be looking for a change?
  • What about finances? Debt? Savings?
  • If single, are you wanting to be married and what are you doing to make that happen?
  • Are there skills you want to become proficient in? e.g., An instrument, woodworking, martial arts, fitness, etc.

On a side note, I chose a farmer for the featured image of this article because when I think about planning ahead, farmers are the first things that come to mind. Imagine coming to a field with a few trees that need to be cleared, stumps to be removed, soil that needs to be built up and turned over a few seasons before you can really start getting those great crops. Then imagine putting away what you can to prepare for those tough seasons. Always thinking ahead. 

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