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Wolf & Iron Podcast #33: How Epigenetics Puts You in the Driver’s Seat of Your Health

Posted in - Diet & Fitness & Health & Podcast on December 11th 2017 0 Comments

How many times have you heard “It’s in my genes” or “My mom had it so I have it“? In many cases it’s a copout and a farce. What we were taught in school about genetics has led many men to believe that their lives and health are predetermined. Everything from high cholesterol …

Wolf & Iron Podcast #25 – Aaron Dokos on True Strength, Health, & Intermittent Fasting

Posted in - Diet & Fitness & Health & Podcast on September 18th 2017 0 Comments Aaron Dokos Profile Pic Wolf and Iron_Fotor

Men, we’ve been sold a lie. Actually, we’ve been sold several lies, particularly around what it takes and what it means to be healthy and strong. My friend Aaron Dokos has such enthusiasm for life. In this episode we talk about strength, health, and intermittent fasting, and in a way that is …

How Emotions Affect Your Health

Posted in - Health on November 25th 2013 1 Comments Laidlaw Health Vintage

Movember is a great excuse to write an article or two on the topic of health. Unfortunately it is also the start of the holidays so any thoughts on dieting will be wholly ignored (for good reason). Thankfully our diet is really a smaller part of our health than we are typically told. Most people who are …