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Wolf & Iron Podcast: Hitting Your Mark – Truck Talk Thursday #005

Posted in - Podcast & Truck Talk Thursday on June 21st 2018 0 Comments Hitting your mark truck talk thursday Mike Yarbrough podcast wolf and iron episode 5

Most of the time we talk about “balance” in our lives: how much work, play, family time we allocate. However, we can’t truly keep life in balance because somethings should outweigh others. In this #trucktalkthursday episode I talk about having a bull’s-eye approach to life rather than trying to keep everything in balance. …

Judging a Man by His Apples

Posted in - Americana & Character & Virtues & Work on May 25th 2016 1 Comments RG_1380006_Board_of_Agriculture_Glass_Negative_Collection

“It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree is connected with that of man.” – Henry David Thoreau, American Poet, Philosopher, & Critic, 1817-1862

There was a time when men judged each other based on the virtues apparent in their workmanship. A man who is patience, thoughtful, …

Captains of Industry: Spencer and Ben Young of Sturdy Brothers

Posted in - Captains of Industry & Family & Relationship & Virtues & Work on October 22nd 2014 1 Comments Ben and Spencer Young Sturdy Brothers

When I began writing the Captains of Industry article series, my hope was to find men who struck out on their own, took the road less traveled, and used their talents, passions, and manly perspiration and persistence to create a life for themselves and great products and services for others. The …

Fireside Topic: How have you handled unemployment?

Posted in - Family & Work on October 17th 2014 0 Comments great depression

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President, 1858-1919

Cesar Millan, better known as the Dog Whisperer, said that “Every dog needs a job to do.” Most of the dogs that we …