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Wolf & Iron Podcast #002: David and Jason Benham on Conviction, Character, and Manliness

Posted in - Character & Podcast & Virtues & Work on April 12th 2016 0 David-Jason-Benham-Podcast

I had the opportunity to speak to David and Jason Benham, better known as the Benham Brothers. Twin brothers who have made a name for themselves by standing up for Christian values regardless of the cost. They are local to me in Charlotte, NC, and I have had the opportunity to see them speak on issues that hit close to home, most recently the Charlotte bathroom ordinance which allowed men to enter women’s locker rooms and dressing rooms, and the subsequent HB2 bill recently signed into law to reverse that and add protections for people of faith and their businesses.

These guys are filled with wisdom and humor, and in many ways model what it looks like to be men of conviction in our modern age.

Key Topics

  • Becoming a Man of Conviction
  • Godly Character
  • Election 2016
  • What does it mean to be a man

Notable Quotes

“Who you are matters to God; not what you do. We are human beings not human doings.”
“Convictions transform your heart, but it is commitment that transforms your lifestyle.”
“American loves the fruits of Christianity, but we have rejected the roots of Christianity.”

More on the Benham Brothers

On the web

Check our their book and hear their story

The Benham’s book, Whatever the Cost, is an excellent read. I was really impacted by the commitment to excellence by these guys at such a young age and how that commitment has affected their success and happiness as adults. It’s filled with the humor they are known for and tons of Godly wisdom.

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