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Wolf & Iron Podcast #004: Liam Hoffman of Hoffman Blacksmithing on Blacksmithing, Entrepreneurship, and Finding Your Calling

Posted in - Forging & Knives & Podcast & Work on May 10th 2016 0 Liam Hoffman Podcast interview

My guest for this episode of the Wolf & Iron podcast is Liam Hoffman of Liam is a 19 year-old entrepreneur who started forging blades and axes at an early age. He’s a prime example of a young man who, when given the freedom to do so and support of his parents, found his calling and gifting early in life and has become quite successful. His social media prowess is also something to be admired. Though he’s fairly secluded in the rural mountains of North Carolina, he has access to the world marketplace. For any man who is starting up his own business, especially that which involves the making of things by hand, Liam really sets a great example to follow.

Key Topics

  • How a young man in the 21st century finds his calling in the ancient art of forging metal
  • Forging your own path to success
  • Managing school (or a career) and growing a side business
  • What it means to a man to be his own boss and follow his passions

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Liam Hoffman

Liam Hoffman

Liam Hoffman Axe Liam Hoffman Axes 3 Liam Hoffman knife 2 Liam Hoffman knife

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