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Wolf & Iron Podcast #007: Father’s Day Special – Our Good Fathers

Posted in - Character & Family & Fatherhood & Podcast & Virtues on June 17th 2016 0 Wolf and Iron Fathers Day Podcast Special_Fotor

For this special Father’s Day episode of the Wolf and Iron podcast, I sent out a clarion call to men who have had good influences in their lives, either a grandfather, father, or mentor, to share a bit about those good men and the legacy of generational blessings they left behind. It was an overwhelming response and I was able to have a number of great conversations, some of which are captured here in this episode.

What stood out to me as I was working on this, was just how far reaching a good man’s influence is over not only his own family — including grand children and great grandchildren — but even in his community. There are stories of these men, particularly the grandfathers, being honored at their funeral by a multitude or bringing joy to hundreds and thousands of people over their lifetime. These are the stories we need to hear and the kind of men we ought to aspire to be.

Happy Father’s Day!

The Men of this Episode

Cody Lannom

Chris Cottle

Michael Nease

Casey Coughlin

Josh Long

Jeff Fiske

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