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Wolf & Iron Podcast #008: EuGene Jordan on Marriage, Fatherhood, Cohabitation, A Man’s Role & More

Posted in - Family & Fatherhood & Marriage & Podcast on June 27th 2016 0 EuGene Jordan and Daughter Wolf and Iron Podcast

EuGene Jordan, founder of, and I have a chinwag about the state of manliness and marriage in the UK and the typical issues many men face when committing to the high calling of married life. This is a great conversation, not only for the bounty of wisdom you’ll garner, but also the easy flow of the conversation. EuGene is one of those guys that just gets it and I don’t think I’ve had an easier time dialoging with someone over the phone (or over the Atlantic).

Key Topics

  • Marriage
  • Manhood in the UK
  • A Man’s Role
  • The Effect of Godlessness in Society
  • What the Divorce Rate Says about Culture

More on EuGene Jordan

EuGene Jordan Dad and Brothers

EuGene with his father and brothers.

EuGene Jordan Star Wars

Mr. Jordan and a Clone Trooper. My money’s on EuGene. Everyone knows those guys can’t shoot straight anyhow.

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