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Wolf & Iron Podcast #009: Larry Hagner of The Good Dad Project on Being an Awesome Dad, Fitness, Fathering Forward, & More

Posted in - Family & Fatherhood & Fitness & Podcast & Virtues on July 11th 2016 0 Larry Hagner and Sons

Author, speaker, podcaster, and founder of The Good Dad Project, Larry Hagner, joins me on the Wolf & Iron podcast to talk about one of the most important topics a man can succeed in: Fatherhood. Larry is such an open guy and we covered a lot of ground in this episode. The piece on Fathering Forward (we didn’t call it that but that is what I am calling it now) was really impactful for both of us and was something that evolved from the conversation. One of the things I really respect about Larry is his dedication to fitness, which is where a lot of dads fall short. We tend to put fitness on the back burner once kids come along, though this is precisely the time we need to be fit (kids are a lot of work).

Key Topics

  • Starting The Good Dad Project
  • Reuniting with his father
  • Fathering forward
  • Being a fit dad

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