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Wolf & Iron Podcast #010: Daniel McKim on Scottish Highland Games, Being Big, Training for Power, & Being a Christian Athlete

Posted in - Character & Diet & Fitness & Podcast on August 1st 2016 0 Daniel McKim Scottish Highland Games Interview Wolf and Iron

This was easily one of the funniest and easiest podcasts talks I’ve done thus far. Daniel McKim is a Scottish Highland Games World Champion and as you can imagine, and see below, he’s a big fella. I have always been interested in how these guys train for these ancient games and what it’s like to be a big dude. One of the things that drew me to McKim was his bold stance on being a Christian. I wondered, “what is it like to be an outspoken Christian in a traditionally pagan environment?” Along with being a serious competitor, Daniel is an author of two books, Heavy Confessions and Behemoth. If you’re looking for a laugh, Heavy Confessions is your ticket. If you’re looking for straight-forward and practical training tips from a pro, Behemoth is what you are looking for.

Key Topics

  • Life as a big guy (brother of bulk)
  • The Scottish Highland Games
  • Getting strong vs getting fat
  • The Meat Sweats <– worth the listen alone
  • Being a Christian Athlete

More on Daniel McKim

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Heavy Confessions

Behemoth: Power Training for Strength Athletes

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