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Wolf & Iron Podcast #011: DREDD (David Redding) of F3 on Manly Leadership

Posted in - Character & Fitness & Podcast & Virtues on August 15th 2016 0 David Redding Dredd F3 Wolf and Iron Podcast

David Redding (better known as DREDD) is one of the most motivating guys I know. He’s one of those guys that has a sort of inspirational presence that really connects with other men. When he’s talking about being a better leader, father, husband, friend…men take note. He’s also one of the men who started F3, which has not only helped thousands of men get fit (for free) but has also ignited the fires of leadership in their lives. I know from personal experience that this is an amazing brotherhood to be a part of, which is why I was keen on getting him on the podcast. I know we like to hear from people who “know” about things, but here’s a guy who lives it out. This is a great episode!

Here’s a previous interview I did with DREDD and OBT which covers a lot more detail about what F3 is and what it’s all about. Plus you get an idea of how well OBT and DREDD work together. Those guys are pretty hilarious!

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Key Topics

  • What is F3?
  • How does fitness make men better leaders?
  • How does the leadership vacuum affect our view of “leaders” today?
  • Can a man recognize leadership in himself?
  • We talk about civil war stuff quite a bit as well!

Notable Quotes

“Victory comes from many advisors. We are those advisors.”

“Schooling, Apprenticeship, Opportunity, & Failure are the steps to forming good leaders.”

More on David Redding and F3

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F3 Twitter: @F3Nation

Dredd Twitter: @DreddCNC


Freed to Lead F3 Dredd and OBT

Freed to Lead F3 by Dredd and OBT. Great book on the idea behind F3 and the how and why it works.

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