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Wolf & Iron Podcast #013: 3rd Manniversary, What’s in Store for 2017, and Family Issues

Posted in - Family & Fatherhood & Manniversary & Marriage & Podcast on November 5th 2016 0 michael-yarbrough-manniversary

Hey gents! Wolf and Iron has finished up its 3rd year of manliness and I wanted to talk a little about what’s coming up in 2017, but more importantly, I wanted to give an update on what’s going on with my family life. As some of you may remember, I posted on Facebook several months back that Wolf & Iron was going to be short on new content as I had to focus on some family matters. Well, those are mostly cleared up, but I thought you might appreciate some insight from the other side.

Key Topics

  • Family issues and resolutions in the Yarbrough house
  • Being present
  • Manniversary

Books Mentioned

Thaw: Freedom from Frozen Feelings

The AsperKid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules

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