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Wolf & Iron Podcast #017 – Kyle Blessing (aka Blessious) on Gaming and Manliness

Posted in - Media & Podcast & Virtues on May 8th 2017 0 Kyle Blessing Blessious Wolf and Iron Podcast

I have two sons, both teens, and of course they love their game time. Heck, I was raised the Nintendo, so I completely understand. However, I can’t help but feel that it’s a waste of time. But should I? Is there something answered in playing video games that we are not getting from the real world? And, is there some benefit to gaming that we are overlooking?

In this episode I talk to Kyle Blessing, better known to gamers as Blessious, famed for his YouTube channel where he plays Destiny and other games to the enjoyment and amusement of many. It was my boys that introduced me to Blessious, and I was really taken in by his genuineness and humor. So, I reached out to him and this podcast is the result. It’s a fun conversation, and it’s one that needs to continue. As always, I would appreciate any feedback on this subject!

Key Topics

  • Is gaming manly?
  • Can men find a tribe in the gaming community?
  • What are we getting from the gaming world that we are missing in real life?
  • When is it too much?
  • How can we use games as a launching point for growth in other areas?

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