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Wolf & Iron Podcast #019 – Author Warren Peterson on Success, Failure, Writing, and Living Significantly

Posted in - Character & Fatherhood & Marriage & Podcast & Virtues & Work on July 18th 2017 0 Warren Peterson podcast interview banner_Fotor

My pal Warren Peterson has experienced the ups and downs of life. He chased after success in the way most men do, and lost it all. That experience was a wake up call that he desperately needed, and now he is using it as a catalyst to help men get on the right track and lead a life that is truly significant.

Key Topics

  • True success vs. just working a lot
  • Dealing with the fallout of failure
  • Reorienting yourself to a path of true success
  • What living a life of significance looks like
  • Writing a book

More on Warren Peterson and Significant Man

Website: Significant Man



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Becoming a Significant Man by Warren Peterson

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