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Wolf & Iron Podcast #022 – 4th Manniversary Special! Mike talks about the last year, new stuff, and the future of Wolf & Iron

Posted in - Manniversary & Podcast & Work on August 28th 2017 0 Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough 4th Manniversary podcast

The last year for Wolf & Iron has been pretty incredible. I started Rustic and Main, wrote a book, repaired my marriage, sent one kid off to college, quit my job, grew Wolf & Iron by the thousands, and still have most of my hair.

In this Manniversary episode I talk about the challenges and successes of the last year in manliness and what’s to come now that I am working for myself full-time. I also give a sneak peek into something I’m calling “The Foundry”.

Key Topics

  • An inside look into the last year of Wolf & Iron
  • I wrote a book: The Guy’s Guide to Pocket Knives <— get a copy here!
  • How Rustic and Main is helping to grow Wolf & Iron
  • How the new podcast schedule is going to look
  • Future plans to monetize Wolf & Iron
  • A sneak peek at The Foundry concept

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