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Wolf & Iron Podcast #24 – Man to Man – On Planning: Why I hate it, & why I do it anyhow

Posted in - Books & Knowledge & Podcast on September 11th 2017 0 Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough on Planning Scheduling

If I had my druthers, my day would flow from intuition rather than a well thought-out plan. My default, as a creative individual, is to mosey through the day with a general idea of what I need to get done, allowing for plenty of time to get diverted with creative endeavors, and not look back to see if I accomplished anything I set out to do. That’s why I don’t act myself when it comes to scheduling my day; I could never accomplish all that I hope to do.

Why I Hate Planning

In this podcast episode I run through a few reasons why I think planning sucks. They aren’t very good reasons, so once they’re on the table it’s easy to see how foolish they are and make course corrections. But, I think this will be helpful for other men who are also resistant to planning their day and help you have a mindset shift about planning.

Why I Love Planning

In this love/hate dichotomy of scheduling my life is the one undeniable result from putting thoughts to paper: results! Getting your day and week before you will make you more aware of the time you have (wasted time) and eager to not continue letting life slip by. It will also prove to make you more successful in any area you chose to prioritize.

Key Topics

  • Why I don’t like to plan my day
  • Why I still do it anyhow
  • How heroes and villains shape our view of making a plan
  • Fate vs. Destiny
  • How to block schedule your day (perfect for creatives)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

What’s Best Next by Matt Perman <– get it at Amazon¬†or at Audible

Ben Franklin’s Daily Planner

Here’s the post I did on this some time ago. There are downloadable examples you can grab to customize your day.

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