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Wolf & Iron Podcast #26 – Man to Man: Get out of the weeds!

Posted in - Podcast on September 25th 2017 0 Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough Get out of the weeds

Men, do you ever feel that you’re stuck in the weeds and muck of life, unable to move forward? We need to be in a position where we can see the road ahead, make strategic decisions, and live the life we feel the ought. I give a quick talk on what’s keeping us stuck and how to move forward.

Defining the Weeds of Life

What causes us to feel so bogged down in life? I think it’s mostly distractions and items which we want to have control over (and consequently take up our brain space). I define a few of these and talk about how to pair down your life.

Getting out of the Muck and into a Clearing

Although it may feel awkward, we have to get used to removing ourselves from the daily grid and nonsense, and get to a clearing or high ground to have a better vantage point by which we can make better decisions.

Key Topics

  • The weeds in life that hold is in place
  • How to pair down so we can move forward
  • The great thing about saying “no”

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