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Wolf & Iron Podcast #27 – Author Eric Barker on Why What You Think About Success is Probably Wrong

Posted in - Books & Podcast on October 2nd 2017 0 Eric-Barker Wolf and Iron Interview barking up the wrong tree

If I could suggest to you all, one book to read this year on success, it would be Eric Barker’s excellent book Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong. This is a great book and I am really honored to speak to Eric Barker on this subject. He is an outstanding guest on the podcast and you guys are going to get a lot from this conversation!

What does it take to be successful?

Is it long ours? Is it being a jerk just to get ahead? Or is it something else? Eric Barker’s book talks about pirates and ninjas and other characters in a very story-form way, with a great deal of scientific research to back up his views on success.

Grit, Self-Confidence, Optimism, and other Maxims of Success

There are a number of buzzwords we throw around when it comes to success, the above being just a few. In my conversation with Mr. Barker, we hit on these plus a few others to drive home which notions we have right, the ones we have wrong, and some of the nuances of the old maxims we may still be holding to.

Key Topics

  • Why the common notions of successful people are usually wrong
  • How does optimism and confidence play a role in success?
  • What is self-esteem vs. self-compassion? Which is better?
  • Do longer hours mean better success in the long run?

More on Eric Barker and his Book: Barking up the Wrong Tree

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