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Wolf & Iron Podcast #28 – Man to Man: Fight! Defeating your Demons

Posted in - Family & Fatherhood & Man to Man & Podcast on October 31st 2017 0 M2M Fight Mike Yarbrough Overcoming your Demons

The last few weeks have been hard. My dad died. My world has been rearranged a good bit, or at least a new type of reality has set in. Honestly, I had been expecting this day since my boyhood; that I would get a call saying my dad had died in some car accident or fallen down or something similar. He was an alcoholic, and finished his days in a pretty sad state.

I share some stuff about my dad’s death, and use this episode as a catalyst for the one thing that has been coming to mind over the last many days: We need to fight! We need to get serious about battling our addictions, be they large or small, serious or subtle. Men aren’t given an example of what fighting looks like and like so many other areas in life we try for the easy path and hope for a marginal victory. So often we don’t understand when we are pinned down and our only hope is to bolt from the trenches.

Key Topics

  • My dad’s death
  • How shame wrecks a life
  • Alcoholism
  • What fighting our addictions/problems looks like

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