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Wolf & Iron Podcast #29 – Veteran’s Day Special with Donald McAlister from The Independence Fund

Posted in - Patriotism & Podcast & Veteran's Day on November 6th 2017 0 Donald McAlister Independence Fund

Men, we need to take care of those who have served, and especially those who come back wounded. They are our heroes and our neighbors and The Independence Fund is supporting them in a big way. In this episode I talk to my friend Donald McAlister on what the Independence Fund is doing, some of the wounds, emotionally, mentally, and physically, our vets face, and how we can help.

This is a great opportunity to give and get involved. Head over to The Independence Fund website and see how you can help.

Also, they have a very cool event happening, so if you are somewhat local you’ll want to be part of this. Find our more here.

Key Topics

  • What are the issues our veterans have when coming home?
  • Restoring self-esteem and confidence
  • How the Independence Fund is helping give mobility back to wounded vets (it’s awesome!)
  • Taking care of the care-givers

More on the Independence Fund

You can find them on the web to donate, learn more and volunteer, here:




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