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Wolf & Iron Podcast #37 – The Art of Asking Questions, Entreleadership, & Finding Your Calling with Ken Coleman

Posted in - Featured & Podcast & Speaking & Work on February 19th 2018 0 Ken Coleman Interview Wolf and Iron Entreleadership Podcast

If you want to grow, there’s no better tool than the questions you ask, and I don’t know of anyone doing this better than Ken Coleman. Most of you know him from the Entreleadership Podcast where he interviews leaders and entrepreneurs and if you’ve listened to the show you know why he is exactly the right man to ask about the art of asking questions.

Ken is also the host of the Ken Coleman Show, where he helps people discover what it is they are meant to do. I’d like to point out that these two characteristics (asking questions, discovering purpose) go together so well. Think for about it for a moment: If you can lead someone to understand their calling in life by asking questions, how much more can we accomplish through this art? That’s why I believe the ability to ask meaningful questions is so key.

In this interview we hit on a number of topics that are key for leaders, but I have found it especially helpful for those who are in the podcasting/interviewing space. Ken shares his formula for interviewing, which, being the master he is at the craft, is invaluable for anyone who is wanting to excel at interviewing.

Key Topics

  • How Ken got started with Entreleadership
  • Ken shares his formula for interviewing
  • Aligning your world view to find your purpose
  • Finding your calling on the Ken Coleman Show

More on Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman is the host of the Entreleadership Podcast and the Ken Coleman Show. He’s also the author of One Question: Life-Changing Answers from Today’s Leading Voices.

Get the Book! One Question: Life-Changing Answers from Today’s Leading Voices.

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