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Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man – How to handle career changes – S01 E04

Posted in - Ask a Man & Podcast & Work on April 27th 2018 0 wolf and iron ask a man podcast starsky and hutch

Finding a new career, once you’re already settled in and comfortable with an existing one, can be exciting and risky. As we mature, we often find ourselves wanting to do something more significant with our life, and we better understand our unique skillset and passion. In this episode, Brandon and Mike talk about making the big switch.

The Last Episode of the Season

Episode #4 marks the end of Season 1 of our Ask a Man podcast episodes. If you think it should make a return, let me know and send in some questions!

Want to Ask a Man?

We’re just getting this Ask a Man thing started, and it’s fueled by your questions. Ask us about anything, but here are some primers to warm up your thought skillet:

  • Questions about marriage
  • Questions about fatherhood
  • Questions about what the heck is happening to society
  • Questions about career and business
  • Questions about theology and religion (I love these)
  • Questions about politics
  • Questions about opinions on other statements (like from a book)
  • Questions on strength/health/fitness etc.

You get the idea. All the questions. Try your best to boil the question down. I don’t want to read your life story, so get to the point. It will help us hone in on the question.