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Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man: Millennial Dating and Emotional Intelligence for Kids – S01 E01

Posted in - Ask a Man & Fatherhood & Marriage & Podcast on February 23rd 2018 0 wolf and iron ask a man podcast starsky and hutch

In this first episode of our Ask a Man series of podcast episode, my pal Brandon McConnell and I (Mike Yarbrough) answer your questions on Millennial Dating (oh boy) and training your kids to be Emotionally Intelligent. Be sure to listen to the end as I put in a little something special. Brandon can thank me later.

Questions Brilliantly Answered

  • How can a man find a woman in today’s hook-up culture?
  • How to be true to your values as a man even when it’s not hip (or dope or whatever).
  • Teaching your kids to be emotionally resilient and self-aware

Want to Ask a Man?

We’re just getting this Ask a Man thing started, and it’s fueled by your questions. Ask us about anything, but here are some primers to warm up your thought skillet:

  • Questions about marriage
  • Questions about fatherhood
  • Questions about what the heck is happening to society
  • Questions about career and business
  • Questions about theology and religion (I love these)
  • Questions about politics
  • Questions about opinions on other statements (like from a book)
  • Questions on strength/health/fitness etc.

You get the idea. All the questions. Try your best to boil the question down. I don’t want to read your life story, so get to the point. It will help us hone in on the question.