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Wolf & Iron Podcast: Cool Ideas and Things I Want To Do That Scare Me – Truck Talk Thursday #009

Posted in - Podcast & Truck Talk Thursday on July 19th 2018 0 Wolf and Iron Podcast truck talk mike yarbrough ep 009 manliness

Every man should have a list. Not a bucket list, per se, but a list of things that he wants to accomplish or projects he would love to see come to life. I have found that when men talk about these things, dream together a bit about their ideas, that it inspires us to action. I thought I would share just a few of the things that I would to do in the upcoming years. Some are practical, some maybe not, but it will be interesting to look back in 10-15 years and see how many I’ve accomplished.

Key Ideas

  • A few book and business ideas I would like to work on

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