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Wolf & Iron Podcast: From the Secular to the Sacred – Truck Talk Thursday #007

Posted in - Family & Fatherhood & Podcast & Truck Talk Thursday on July 5th 2018 0 Wolf and Iron Podcast truck talk mike yarbrough ep 007 manliness

In cultures past, and some of the primitive cultures still, we see that the maturing of a man into manhood contains a growing understanding of the sacredness of things. A boys mind sees the secular, the material; a mans mind becomes aware of the sacred. This is often a principle taught during “coming of age” ceremonies, often called a rite of passage.

Key Ideas

  • How becoming more aware of the sacred makes you more manly
  • A bit on how ancient cultures valued wisdom that came from a non-material view
  • A rite of passage field guide that I’m working on

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