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Wolf & Iron Podcast: Hitting Your Mark – Truck Talk Thursday #005

Posted in - Podcast & Truck Talk Thursday on June 21st 2018 0 Hitting your mark truck talk thursday Mike Yarbrough podcast wolf and iron episode 5

Most of the time we talk about “balance” in our lives: how much work, play, family time we allocate. However, we can’t truly keep life in balance because somethings should outweigh others. In this #trucktalkthursday episode I talk about having a bull’s-eye approach to life rather than trying to keep everything in balance. It helps us stay focused on what matters most.

Key Ideas

  • How to stay focused on what matters most
  • An alternative to the notion of balance in life
  • What a married/family man should be focused on
  • Thoughts on what a single guy should be targeting

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