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Wolf & Iron Podcast: How to Market Your Business with Raymond Johnston of Social Hacker – #47

Posted in - Podcast & Work on June 20th 2018 0 Social Hacker Raymond Johnston podcast Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough

Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to learn first hand how marketing works and how to use it to grow a business. Right now, Facebook is king of advertising and the power to find and reach your audience has never been easier or more accessible. My guest for this episode is our very own social media marketing guru, Raymond Johnston of Social Hacker. We talk about the tools and strategies we’ve used to grow our businesses. It’s a great behind the scenes look at how marketing is done in the social media age.

Key Topics

  • How to use Facebook to find and target your customers
  • Funneling concepts
  • Timeless strategies for businesses to be successful
  • A morning routine to get your head in the game and avoid burnout

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