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Wolf & Iron Podcast: On Boycotting and Why I Still Sell Wedding Rings to Homosexuals – M2M – #42

Posted in - Man to Man & Podcast on April 23rd 2018 0 Mike yarbrough Wolf and Iron podcast boycotting homosexuals

This episode is bound to raise some ire as I’m going to share some thoughts on a subject which most people stay away from. As a Christian, I get a number of calls to boycott businesses, mostly coming from Christian organizations. I address this, but from a point of view of a business owner put in a position of “boycotting” customers should I choose to do so and why I’ve taken the position to still sell rings to gay couples, even though I don’t support homosexuality.

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Key Thoughts

  • How should a man handle calls to boycott, particularly from a Christian perspective?
  • Why I chose to sell rings to gay couples through my ring business even though I don’t support homosexuality

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