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Wolf & Iron Podcast: The Foundry is Coming – M2M – #48

Posted in - Man to Man & Podcast on June 27th 2018 0 The Foundry is Coming podcast Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough

I’ve hinted at it before, but it’s finally happening. Wolf & Iron’s membership site, The Foundry, is set to launch in January 2019 and I have a lot of work still ahead of me. In this episode, I go into some detail on the What, the Why, and the Roadmap for getting there.

These are exciting times! With so much anti-male propaganda taking place, I feel a bit like the underdog or maybe David against Goliath. But, I’m on mission and I’m glad to know the men that are pushing back against the status quo.

Interested in The Foundry?

Stay in the know. Sign up on our interest list and we’ll keep you notified of the progress. Also, you’ll have access to a steep, one time only discount when we launch.

Keep yer powder dry,

– Mike Yarbrough

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