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Wolf & Iron Podcast: The Heart of a Missionary with Bob “Brutus” Hillebrand – #43

Posted in - Character & Family & Podcast on May 22nd 2018 0 Bob Hillebrand Mission Servants Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough

My friend Brutus (Bob Hillebrand) is an great example of the humble guy next door that is making an impact in the world. He’s carrying out the High Call on his life to be a mentor to orphans in Africa and a leader of a mission-minded people in an part of the world that is in desperate need for good men to step up.

In this episode, Brutus swings by my house and we chat about how he started Mission Servants Ministry and how his success as an entrepreneur allowed him to be on mission full-time.

Key Topics

  • What caused him to go from rebel to missionary?
  • How success as an entrepreneur freed him and his wife to serve
  • Being vigilant to keep corrupt people out of the ministry

Get in touch with Bob Hillebrand and Mission Servants Ministry

The best way to get in touch with Bob, to help or to give, is their website:

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