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Wolf & Iron Podcast: Why We Fail to Plan and Execute – Truck Talk Thursday #004

Posted in - Podcast & Truck Talk Thursday on June 14th 2018 0 Why we failed to plan and execute truck talk thursday wolf and iron podcast mike yarbrough episode 4

What keeps us from accomplishing our goals? Are we sabotaging ourselves before we get started? In the last episode I talk about how to get things done with Plan, Execute, and Repeat. In this episode I talk about the things that hold us back. #trucktalkthursday

Listen to the companion episode here: Plan, Execute, Repeat: Getting Things Done – Truck Talk Episode #003

Key Ideas

  • Why we fail to get started on our goals
  • How perfectionism plays a role in procrastination
  • Self-destructive thoughts that cut us off at the knees

Resources Mentioned

Stephen Pressfield’s The War of Art Book

Jon Acuff’s Start and Finish Books

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