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Wolf & Iron Podcast #23 – Joel Salatin on Regenerative Farming, Eating, & What We’re Doing Wrong

Posted in - Diet & Health & Podcast & Work on September 4th 2017 0 Joel Salatin Interview Wolf and Iron Mike Yarbrough podcast

Interview with Joel Salatin

My wife and I picked up Mr. Salatin’s book Folks this ain’t normal a few years ago, and we still reference it as a must read for those frustrated with everything related to food: how it gets to our table, how it is raised, why my lettuce only last a week in the fridge, and why everyone else around us seems to be oblivious to insanity of the whole operation. Before I jump off the deep end and start talking like a hippie environmentalist, let me explain. I grew up on a small farm. We had food from the garden and meat from the fields. We canned, hunted and had plenty to share, even though we didn’t have a lot of money. There was a benefit to having a closeness with the land that went beyond having enough to eat. Joel Salatin gets that, and wants to bring it back.

Regenerative Farming

In his book and in many of his speaking opportunities, Mr. Salatin addresses the current way we do things, from shipping food across the country just so people can have strawberries year-round, to how livestock is managed and more. He has introduced the agricultural community to a better way of farming – the right way of farming. His system is based on both common sense and years of improving. In this episode we talk a good deal about how he came up with the idea of regenerative farming, and how he accomplishes it.

Polyface Farms

Polyface Farms is located in Swoop Virginia. If you’re looking to take a tour of the farm or do some hands-on work, you can find out more, here:

Key Topics

  • Regenerative Farming
  • Being a lunatic farmer
  • Taking a note from nature
  • What we are missing as a modern society
  • Eating really old meat

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Polyface Farms

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