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Overcoming Apathy // Truck Talk Thursday // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

Theodore Roosevelt famously said: "Get action! Do things! Be sane! Get action!" This advice was given to a friend, a ...

How Entrepreneurs Write & Publish Books with Jessie Krieger // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

I’ve noticed a connection between succeeding as an entrepreneur and a desire to teach; to share the knowledge t...

The Challenges of Running a USA Made Store // Truck Talk Thursday // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

When I launched the Wolf & Iron Store I knew I wanted to carry only USA made products, but, I wasn't aware ...

How Did Mike & Brandon Become Christ Followers? // Ask a Man // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

I'm always amazed at the many ways Christ meets men on our paths. In this episode, Mike and Brandon share their stori...

If Toxic Masculinity Exists, Then... // Truck Talk Thursday // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

We hear an awful lot about "Toxic Masculinity" these days. However, if there is such a thing, then there must a...

Is Chivalry Dead? // Ask a Man // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

No doubt you've heard the phrase "Chivalry is dead", but is it? While women are certainly more liberated in many resp...


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“It was a pleasure to deal with a man of high ideals, who scorned everything mean and base, and who possessed those robust and hardy qualities of body and mind, for the lack of which no merely negative virtue can ever atone.”

- Col. Theodore Roosevelt, The Rough Riders

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