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Truck Talk Thursday

Jun 23, 2022

Gun Rights - Closer Than We Think // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

The recent shootings in Uvalde along with the many tragedies over the last 2 decades should be bringing us closer together when it comes to gun rights, but of course politicians and the media uses it to divide us. However, when these tragedies happen we are all bumping up against the same undeniable conclusion, one that should unite us as Americans rather than divide us.

May 12, 2022


We just ironically celebrated Mother's Day while simultaneuously seeing women protest to have the right to have abortions. It looks like the abortion debate is about to become relevant again with the SCOTUS decision looming. Here are some thoughts to help clarify the issue and cut through the language we've used for so long.

Apr 28, 2022

Vanagon Adventure // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

I took a trip out west to pick up a 31 year old vehicle at the height of gas prices. Worth it? Listen to this special episode to find out!

Apr 7, 2022

Wants vs Wishes // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

We all need to learn the difference between something we truly desire vs something we only wish could happen. Otherwise, we'll end up with too many options and a lot of disappointment.

Mar 31, 2022

The Real Reason You're Not Getting Married // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

While you may have told yourself that, "It's just a piece of paper" the real reasons you're not getting married are the very reasons you should.

Mar 24, 2022


Wolf & Iron has been going for about 8 years now. In that time I've had to pause this venture and often move more slowly than I've wanted. But I always keep coming back and pushing forward. Why? Because I believe in this mission.For those who are new to the podcast, and I suppose those who've been with me on this journey for a while now, -- and for myself -- here is why I continue to do Wolf & Iron.

Mar 17, 2022


Now that COVID is unofficially done -- at least until it's needed again for a crisis -- people are beginning to celebrate the victory of making it through the last 2 years. But this has been a telling time for all of us. We've been tested and some of us have fought or stood our ground while others allowed themselves to be led by the nose. Which camp are you in?

Mar 10, 2022

Our Land of Rustics // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

What does it mean to be an American? It's not a concept that we've really defined, but we have a history that helps us begin to piece together the roots of Americanism. In this episode I talk about our rustic heritage, using a cool story from history, and how US made brands like Origin USA are helping restore the American story of industry and creative independence.

Feb 24, 2022

God's Intimacy with Us // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

When I really think about it, I'm amazed at how intimate God is with us, his creation. Even from the very beginning, he is uniquely close to us and involved with us. I believe this says something about Him and also about the closeness we are intended for.

Feb 17, 2022

Why Habits are Hard // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

Here we are, mid-February, and most guys have already fallen off the wagon. Those new year goals are being left behind in favor of what we are used to and life is about to look like a repeat of previous years.But it doesn't have to be this way. In this episode I talk about how our brains work and why forming new habits, better habits, is so difficult. 

Feb 3, 2022

Our Quiet Desperation // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

Henry David Thoreau famously wrote, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to their grave with the song still in them." In this episode, I talk about what this means and focus on the "quiet desperation" part of this.

Jan 20, 2022

Marketing Must Change // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

The good ol' days -- the last 5 years -- of advertising on Facebook and Google are behind us. Or, I can at least say that the strategy we've been used to is no longer going to work. Whether you are an entrepreneur or just interested in what's happening with marketing, this episode will be of interest to you.
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