Wolf & Iron Podcast #012: All About the Bacon with Tender Belly Founder Shannon Duffy

by Michael Yarbrough October 24, 2016


Hey guys! This may be the most epic podcast episode to date — it is certainly the most delicious! I had the pleasure of talking to Shannon Duffy, one of the founders of Tender Belly, makers of some of the finest bacon you can get, and we not only covered the subject ...

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How to Make Acorn Coffee

by Michael Yarbrough October 07, 2015

How to Make Acorn Coffee

Take a moment to imagine with me. You are a Civil War soldier. You’ve been marching for days, having left one battlefield and on your way to the next. You’re cold, tired, and emotionally beat. When you finally stop and setup camp, you sit and talk with your brothers in arms, little about ...

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How to Smoke a Turkey on a Weber Charcoal Grill
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How to Smoke a Turkey on a Weber Charcoal Grill

by Mike Yarbrough November 26, 2014

“Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.” – Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President, 1858-1919

I have to say, while I enjoy turkey in ...

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Jack Pine Savage Venison Roast Recipe

by Michael Yarbrough November 07, 2014


If you are like a lot of modern, suburban men, the venison you have, like other wild game meat, is a prized possession. Deer meat can only be acquired a few months out of the year and if you take into account the few times you may get to hunt and the fewer ...

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Jack Pine Savage Venison Steak Recipe

by Michael Yarbrough November 04, 2014

Man brings deer back to camp after hunt

When a man has been hard at work he feels more than just hungry, he feels as though he deserves a meal. When a man gets to that point, the quality of the meal can make or break his spirits. The Jack Pine Savages, the men who ...

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Convict Chili Recipe

by Michael Yarbrough July 19, 2014

I watched Labor Day the other night and Frank, an escaped convict played by Josh Brolin, cooked up a pretty awesome chili. (A good coming-of-age movie, by the way, highlighting the importance of fathers.) Here is my take on his recipe which I have dubbed Convict Chili.

Supplies: ...

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How to Cook Bacon…Shirtless

by Michael Yarbrough July 14, 2014

retro vintage Main with Bacon on the Grill

“Bacon’s not the only thing that’s cured by hanging from a string.” – Hugh Kingsmill, English Writer, 1889 – 1949

The other day a young, up-and-coming man asked me for the answer to one of life’s great mysteries: How does one cook bacon without a shirt? For anonymity sake we’ll ...

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How to Grill Corn in the Husk

by Michael Yarbrough July 03, 2014

Nearly every food we eat in America came from another country (not that we’re complaining). Corn, however, is truly an American original. Here is a quick guide to grilling corn in the husk.

How to Grill Corn on the Cob in the Husk

What you’ll need:

Lots of fresh, sweet ...

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Gluten and Men’s Health: Part 4 – The Super Tasty, Blog Worthy, Gluten Free Bread Recipe

by Michael Yarbrough June 09, 2014

Gluten Free Sliced Bread with Butter and Honey Pot

So, you’ve found out that you are gluten sensitive and now the only thing you think you can eat and be happy is a bullet, right? Let’s face it, life is going to change. Thanksgiving will never be the same…ever. In fact, most holidays, potlucks, get-together’s and probably breakfast, lunch and dinner, are never ...

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Gluten and Men’s Health: Part 2 – Not Your Grandfather’s Wheat

by Michael Yarbrough May 22, 2014

Men Harvesting Wheat

One of the questions that most often comes up when talking about gluten is why wheat is suddenly a bad thing. Before I go further, let me stress that not all wheat is the same and therefore a statement saying that all wheat is bad would certainly not be true. In the 1960s a ...

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Gluten and Men’s Health: Part 1 – What is Gluten?

by Michael Yarbrough May 19, 2014

V10 Protein Bread 1959 Advertisement

“There is nothing to be ashamed of in enjoying your food: there would be everything to be ashamed of if half the world made food the main interest of their lives and spent their time looking at pictures of food and dribbling and smacking their lips.” – C.S. Lewis, 1898-1963, Mere Christianity


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How to Make Blue Corn Ash Pone

by Michael Yarbrough February 12, 2014

Pones on plate with syrup

I have been interested in this stuff called “pone” since I first read about it in Book 4 of the great Foxfire series. Here in the south you may hear references to it called Corn Pone or Hoe Cakes. It is an old food used by the poorest folks, ...

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