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Hey there, I'm  Mike Yarbrough, the founder of Wolf & Iron. Like too many men I grew up without a permanent father figure, rushed into adulthood, and found myself wanting for manliness and direction. Thankfully, I’ve had a number of good men in my life, some great seeds sown by my grandfather, and a passion to change. Over the years, as I began to take up some manliness of my own, my desire to see other men built up grew as well. Thus began Wolf & Iron.

We are sadly lacking in examples of men living as they ought in our day and age, hence the need for Wolf & Iron and also my penchant for diving into the waters of the past. Here we are able to see the lives of men fully lived, with both their actions and consequences on full display. We can learn a good deal from the men afore and bring those lessons into our day where they are sorely needed.

I am a Christian man, and much of the content for Wolf & Iron stems from my belief in Christ. Many of the losses in society, in both manhood and womanhood, as well as in the family as a result, can be attributed to our Godless worldview. When our foundation of the meaning of life is one without God, how can we expect to make choices that reflect a higher purpose? How can we make men from apes if they go on believing they are apes?

There is a High Call on the lives of men. Men feel it, they hear it, but we also need examples of it. We are called to be leaders, husbands, lovers, brothers, builders, and more, and to do so with our God-given masculinity.

Join the Mission

Join me and other men as we heed the High Call of manful living. Here are a few ways to get involved.

Keep yer powder dry,

- Mike Yarbrough

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