Ask a Man

Dec 22, 2018

A Special Merry Christmas Episode // Ask a Man // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Mike Yarbrough and Brandon McConnell!

Oct 8, 2018

How Did Mike & Brandon Become Christ Followers? // Ask a Man // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

I'm always amazed at the many ways Christ meets men on our paths. In this episode, Mike and Brandon share their stories of becoming followers of Christ.

Oct 1, 2018

Is Chivalry Dead? // Ask a Man // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

No doubt you've heard the phrase "Chivalry is dead", but is it? While women are certainly more liberated in many respects, does that mean that they don't appreciate a man being chivalrous? And, what does it look like in today's day and age? We discuss just that in this week's Ask a Man podcast.

Sep 18, 2018

How Does a Man Handle Sacrificing for Others? // Ask a Man // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

When family comes first, how does a man handle postponing his passions and dreams, sometimes for years? And, are there occasions in which family doesn't come first and a man needs to take care of his own needs, sacrificing for others? We answer these questions in this week's Ask a Man podcast.

Aug 27, 2018

How Do You Know You've Found the One? // Ask a Man // The Wolf & Iron Podcast

These days, to avoid the divorce rate, a man cannot help but ask himself, "How do you know you've found The One?" Mike and Brandon, both successfully married men, come to the aid of men wondering if they should settle down or keep playing the field in this week's Wolf & Iron Podcast.

Aug 23, 2018

How Can Men Have Deep Friendships? - Ask a Man #007 - The Wolf & Iron Podcast

In our modern day with our strong independence, the lack of neighborliness, and so many distractions, how can men still have deep, lasting friendships? This is the question Mike and Brandon tackle in this Ask a Man Episode. 

Aug 13, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man: The Penis Discussion – #006

Does size matter? Should it? How does a man feel get confident in the size of his member, or better yet, how can he make penis size a non-issue? In this episode, Mike and Brandon do their best to offer some advice while remembering they are adults in this week's Ask a Man discussion.

Aug 6, 2018

Can a man still be proud to be an American? - Ask a Man #005 - The Wolf & Iron Podcast

Ask a Man is back! Brandon McConnell and Mike Yarbrough answer your questions. One listener asks “How can a man still be proud to be an American, considering the state of things?” We also ask the question “Is Nationalism dead?” and get into some ‘Merica stuff. Key Topics The return of Ask a ...

Apr 27, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man – How to handle career changes – S01 E04

Finding a new career, once you’re already settled in and comfortable with an existing one, can be exciting and risky. As we mature, we often find ourselves wanting to do something more significant with our life, and we better understand our unique skillset and passion. In this episode, Brandon and Mike talk about ...

Apr 20, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man – Alcohol and Unemployment – S01 E03

In this episode Brandon and I talk about when to drink and when not to and how to deal with unemployment. The alcohol discussion brings up some fresh thoughts for me regarding my dad’s death (only a week before this recording). We also delve into smoking (weed and/or cigarettes) of which Brandon had ...

Mar 1, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man: Female Bosses and Pornography – S01 E02

In this episode, a guy asks us how to deal with a female boss that seems to have it out for men. We broaden the scope of the question and talk about how to deal with a difficult boss of any gender. We also talk about pornography, why it’s an issue, how to ...

Feb 23, 2018

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man: Millennial Dating and Emotional Intelligence for Kids – S01 E01

In this first episode of our Ask a Man series of podcast episode, my pal Brandon McConnell and I (Mike Yarbrough) answer your questions on Millennial Dating (oh boy) and training your kids to be Emotionally Intelligent. Be sure to listen to the end as I put in a little something special. Brandon ...
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