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Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man – Alcohol and Unemployment – S01 E03 - Wolf & Iron

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man – Alcohol and Unemployment – S01 E03

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man – Alcohol and Unemployment – S01 E03


In this episode Brandon and I talk about when to drink and when not to and how to deal with unemployment. The alcohol discussion brings up some fresh thoughts for me regarding my dad’s death (only a week before this recording). We also delve into smoking (weed and/or cigarettes) of which Brandon had some fondness of the former.

This is a great episode and covers a lot of ground as we get into alcoholism, self-control, and how to get back on your feet after getting knocked out of your cubicle chair.

Questions Brilliantly Answered

  • When should a man drink, and when should he not?
  • How does alcoholism affect the decision to drink?
  • Can a case be made for smoking cigarettes or weed?
  • What should a man do when he finds himself unemployed?


  • Brandon speaks fondly of “smoking the ganj”
  • Mike tries to solemnly remember the passing of his father, but Brandon just makes fun of him

Want to Ask a Man?

We’re just getting this Ask a Man thing started, and it’s fueled by your questions. Ask us about anything, but here are some primers to warm up your thought skillet:

  • Questions about marriage
  • Questions about fatherhood
  • Questions about what the heck is happening to society
  • Questions about career and business
  • Questions about theology and religion (I love these)
  • Questions about politics
  • Questions about opinions on other statements (like from a book)
  • Questions on strength/health/fitness etc.

You get the idea. All the questions. Try your best to boil the question down. I don’t want to read your life story, so get to the point. It will help us hone in on the question.

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