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Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man: Female Bosses and Pornography – S01 E02 - Wolf & Iron

Wolf & Iron Podcast: Ask a Man: Female Bosses and Pornography – S01 E02



In this episode, a guy asks us how to deal with a female boss that seems to have it out for men. We broaden the scope of the question and talk about how to deal with a difficult boss of any gender. We also talk about pornography, why it’s an issue, how to get your mind around what it really is and does, and how to kick it.

Also, I apparently drank a lot of coffee before this session because I’m speaking about 2x’s as fast as normal.

Questions Brilliantly Answered

  • Dealing with female bosses
  • How to kick porn


  • Mike does a Jocko Willink impression
  • Brandon wears deodorant

Resources Mentioned

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Qustodio (for locking down your computer/smartphone)

Want to Ask a Man?

We’re just getting this Ask a Man thing started, and it’s fueled by your questions. Ask us about anything, but here are some primers to warm up your thought skillet:

  • Questions about marriage
  • Questions about fatherhood
  • Questions about what the heck is happening to society
  • Questions about career and business
  • Questions about theology and religion (I love these)
  • Questions about politics
  • Questions about opinions on other statements (like from a book)
  • Questions on strength/health/fitness etc.

You get the idea. All the questions. Try your best to boil the question down. I don’t want to read your life story, so get to the point. It will help us hone in on the question.


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