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Oct 4, 2021

Jarrett Samuels // The Pursuit of Manliness

Jarret is the founder of Pursuit of Manliness and leads men to be the best versions of themselves through Christ-centered teachings. When a man begins to pursue bettering himself, he quickly sees that growth is something which doesn't have a final destination. We are called to a lifelong pursuit of manliness and that's exactly what Jarrett Samuels believes in. 

Nov 19, 2020

The Regressive Movement // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

You've likely heard of the Progressive Movement which was started by presidents Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt, among others, and has continued to this day. However, we're now seeing something I'm calling the "Regressive Movement" which uses the past as a tool, not for growth, but for blame. And, it keeps people stuck in a victimized mindset with the only hope being a great rescuer i.e., big government.

Jun 5, 2014

Fireside Topic: What is one thing you most want to change about yourself (physical or character)?

If we are honest, there are many things we would like to change about ourselves; our quick tempers, our weight, our lack of muscle mass, our poor self-control, our intellect, our boldness, our hairline…you get the idea. However, keeping a random list of our perceived flaws can make actually changing any of them difficult, since ...
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