America 2019 (July 4th Special) // Truck Talk Thursday

America 2019 (July 4th Special) // Truck Talk Thursday

What are we to think of America in 2019? On the one hand, businesses are booming, we're not engaged in a major conflict, technology is incredible, racism and bigotry are on the decline...there are a lot of good things happening. But, everyone can feel something is off. In this episode I talk about what I think that is and how we should handle it, as men.

A Nation without Nationalism

Nationalism has been dying out since shortly after the 60s and Vietnam. We had a bit of a resurgence in the 80s with Reagan. We've since moved into Patriotism, which we still see on display from time to time. But, more and more, Americans have moved towards Individualism, which is divorced from a national or even regional identity.

This is both good and bad. We have more freedom to be who we want to be, live as we want, and are not bound by the direction of the nation. We are free to disagree with the US. We are free to not engage in wars we don't believe in. That freedom is a good thing, but, as our founders knew, it also means we must have the discipline and understanding of responsibility if we ever want to fully embrace our freedom without the consequences of our human nature.

American and Proud

Don't let my points on the state of our culture mislead you into thinking I'm not proud to be an American. I love this country! I believe in our founding principles and know that they have played a major role in the direction we see around the world. I also believe with that great power comes great responsibility. Or, as the Good Book says, " To whom much is given, much will be required." Luke 12:48

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