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B-Side Vulnerability // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY - Wolf & Iron

B-Side Vulnerability // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

True transparency is a rare thing these days. While we may still ask for prayers on social media, it's typically for someone else. We tend to showcase the good times and leave out the negative, and that actually makes sense in a public forum. When life is delivering us a swift kick to our salty hammock, we don't need trite responses: we need a brother.

The B-Sides is the Real Stuff

Most of you will likely remember that the b-side of a tape is where the extra tracks, the live concert, the unedited garage jam sessions were added. We had a chance to hear our favorite bands in an unfiltered way and by doing so we felt closer to them.

As men, we have a tendency to bury our problems. This is even worse in an age where there is more connectivity than ever before, and yet less connectedness as well. We all need a brother in our life to show our b-side to. We need a place to get real.

Our Facebook Group

While it's not the same as a face to face, our Facebook group is a good place to throw out some b-side issues or questions. Then men in the group are exemplary. If you've not signed up yet, you can do so here. Be sure to answer the questions.

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