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Behind the Scenes on the Ken Coleman Show // Truck Talk Thursday - Wolf & Iron

Behind the Scenes on the Ken Coleman Show // Truck Talk Thursday

In late August of 2019 I had the honor of hanging out with Ken Coleman and also being a guest on his show. In case you aren't familiar with Ken, he's part of the Dave Ramsey team and is a stellar interviewer and thinker. He's also a repeat guest on the Wolf and Iron Podcast (check out the interviews with him here). 

Behind the Scenes with Ken Coleman

Here's the deal, Ken is a genuine, stand up guy. He is a man working his tail off in an area where he is incredibly gifted, yet still prioritizing family and staying down to earth. I felt totally at ease during the interview and a lot of that is due to Ken's demeanor: You just feel like you're part of the team when you're there.

The New Ramsey Solutions HQ

Check out the pictures below as well as a little video I shot. The new Ramset Solutions Headquarters was about a week old when I got there. There was a group having a meeting and I noticed that the average age had to be late 20s. I felt like I was back at a tech startup. 

The new ramsey solutions headquarters. About a week old.

Mike Yarbrough at the Ramsey Solutions Headquarters

An inspirational banner at ramsey solutions headquarters

Ken Coleman's studio

Inspirational books from Dave Ramsey's group

Ken Coleman about to start the interview with Mike Yarbrough
(Ken, if you see this pic, I'm sorry. 😉)

Ken Coleman and Mike Yarbrough of Wolf and Iron

A Simple Message...A Huge Impact!

I still remember when I was attending Financial Peace about 12 years ago what a friend said to me: "You're paying money for someone to teach you not to overspend and save?" Like, that's basic stuff, right? And it is, but it's not common sense like it used to be. Dave's message is straightforward, simple, needed and that's likely why it's so powerful. But, the "Solutions" part of his enterprise is so much more than that. Managing your money well is just the start. Once you start doing well in one area you begin to see the possible impact of changes in other areas of your life. Dave has a vision for that, and while pulling together great talent to impact these other areas in life seems like a no-brainer, it's harder than you think to pull it off.

One of the great challenges for any business is growing beyond what they are known for. I had a chance to see first hand what a simple message can become and I am more inspired than ever to keep pushing forward.

Inspiring Moment at the Ramsey Solutions HQ

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