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ChatGPT, AI, & the Future of Manliness // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY - Wolf & Iron

ChatGPT, AI, & the Future of Manliness // TRUCK TALK THURSDAY

Unless you've been under a rock you've probably heard about something called ChatGPT. And if you have heard of it, some of you would like to go back under the rock rather than see what the world is becoming. AI is here and it's going to change things. ChatGPT just happens to be the eye-opening tool that makes this undeniable. In truth, it's pretty incredible...and it's only getting started.

As the world progresses with technology we have seen so many of the blessings of living in a modern age. But we've also seen the pull towards laziness and ease. Men have a quiet desire to live their lives more fully and yet give in to the world of entertainment and abdication of responsibility so readily. AI will definitely present new challenges for men, but also incredible opportunities for those of us who can wield it.

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